Announcing the Launch of LOCUS Truck

May 28, 2024 (NEW YORK, NY) – Ever wondered if California handles more home deliveries per capita than Idaho? Curious about the number of truck trips generated by warehouses? Need insights on how far trucks travel from ports in your region, or the duration of their stops in your county? What would the energy needs be in your jurisdictions as more trucks get electrified?

LOCUS Truck is here to provide answers to all these questions and more. Our powerful product is a one-stop shop for reliable information on truck movements throughout the country.

LOCUS Truck Product Preview

Product preview of LOCUS Truck with segmented filter selections

Why Choose LOCUS Truck?

In today’s dynamic economic landscape, studying truck movements is crucial to understanding how to keep the economy moving safely and securely. We are excited to introduce LOCUS Truck, a groundbreaking data product designed to provide unparalleled insights and answers to all your truck-related questions.

Our product offers comprehensive charts and data on heavy and medium duty trucks. LOCUS Truck can be scaled from national-level insights all the way down to your local neighborhood, allowing you to define your study areas and measure what is right for you.

  • Powerful Analytics: Developed in partnership with Geotab, we leverage data from the largest fleet of connected vehicles in the US, apply rigorous data processing and advanced analytics to create a curated dataset that maximizes insights while maintaining privacy.
  • Reliable Measurements: We ingest and integrate drivers of truck data in our platform: population and job centers, intermodal facilities, warehouses, ports, and truck parking locations to accurately measure truck movements that you can use confidently in your studies.
  • Decades of Expertise: With over 50 years of experience in the transportation industry, we know trucks. Our data is crafted to address real-world client needs, providing you with reliable, actionable insights.
  • User-Friendly Platform: Our intuitive interface makes it easy to access and analyze data, offering actionable insights that you can utilize from the moment you first sign on.
LOCUS Truck Product Preview

Product preview of LOCUS Truck studying origin-destination truck flows

What Can LOCUS Truck Do For You?

LOCUS Truck is laser-focused on providing our clients with tools that balance the need for economic development with safety, sustainability, and workforce planning. Our tailored workflows support critical applications:

  • Truck Parking Studies: Understand intermediate stops to gauge truck parking demand. Optimize and plan truck parking facilities with precision.
  • Electrification Planning: Identify prime locations for truck electrification by capturing intermediate truck stops and trip lengths. Assess electricity needs and plan charging infrastructure effectively.
  • Freight Plans: Analyze truck origin-destination flows by different truck types and times of day. Understand regional performance and pinpoint areas for improvement.
  • Modeling and Forecasting: Create detailed models and forecasts, helping you plan for future transportation needs and developments.
  • E-commerce: Examine first and last mile deliveries that mostly happen on light trucks and multi-purpose vehicles.
  • Seasonal Variation: Study seasonal variation of truck trips. Plan for truck parking and charging infrastructure effectively to account for seasonal variations in truck travel.
Image of truck transporting goods

How Can I Gain Access To LOCUS Truck?

LOCUS Truck is your ultimate tool for understanding and optimizing truck movements and transportation flows. Designed to deliver clear, actionable insights, our platform meets the needs of state agencies, small agencies, and ports alike. Whether you are looking to enhance safety, boost sustainability, or drive economic development, LOCUS Truck provides the data and tools you need.

Discover more or request a demo today and transform your transportation insights with LOCUS Truck.

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