At LOCUS, we empower our clients to make better decisions by delivering validated Big Data solutions that help them understand the real-world movement of people and goods. 

LOCUS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cambridge Systematics (CS). Founded by a group of MIT professors in 1972, CS is a leading transportation consulting firm with over 50 years of success in the industry.

When big data (smartphones, connected vehicles, and other types) arrived on the scene in the mid-2010s, a few of us saw its massive potential for enhancing our transportation planning and modeling work. However, we didn't just need Big Data, we needed Big Data we could trust. It had to be cleaned, validated, and expanded rigorously if we were going to help our clients make better-informed decisions. 

After a multi-year research and development effort, we created the LOCUS platform, providing all the advantages of Big Data without the black box that keeps the underlying data processes a mystery to our clients. When you partner with us, we share with you how we transform data into insights, because we believe in the importance of transparency and accuracy in all that we do. 

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Our Team

Anurag Komanduri


Michalis Xyntarakis

Head of Engineering

Jason Lemp

Head of R&D

Jingjing Zang

Head of Data

Michael Wieck

Head of Revenue

Pragun Vinayak

Chief of Staff

Mobashwir Khan

Director of Product

Arjun Kapur

Sales Manager

Fareeha Shah

Product Designer & Marketing Manager

Our Work

Our platform was built upon decades of expertise and innovation, and we take the trust our clients place in us very seriously. 

We work with clients to visualize real-world movement of people and goods using Big Data. Travel demand modeling, resiliency planning, electric vehicle (EV) charging forecasting, safety analysis, transit redesign… we've done it all.

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Our Story


Cambridge Systematics logo

A group of MIT professors and one of their colleagues start to think that there is a better way to approach transportation planning and analytics. Cambridge Systematics is born!


Kimon, Anurag, and Michalis begin pioneering work on cellphone data analysis with NCHRP Research Report 868.


With a commitment to accuracy, privacy, data customization, and safety, Anurag, Jason, and Michalis form the LOCUS team at Cambridge Systematics. 


The first project using LOCUS Passenger launches: the LA Metro bus network redesign. 


LOCUS wins transit redesign projects in Boston, Denver, Dallas, and San Diego, and supports modeling efforts in El Paso, Chicago, and Orange County, New York.


LOCUS supports pandemic recovery and climate resiliency projects across the country and wins the American Planning Association award for SCAG.


LOCUS conducts activity-based model calibration in New York (NYMTC) and Baltimore, and wins projects with SEMCOG, WMATA, and King County Metro.


LOCUS Charge is born.


LOCUS signs its 25th license.


The LOCUS team supports the CEC Truck Electrification Efforts with LOCUS Truck and signs its first system performance project for LOCUS Performance.


LOCUS Truck wins more projects in Colorado, New Mexico, and Maine.


LOCUS Safe launches in Indiana.


LOCUS signs its 50th license.



LOCUS maintains a 100% customer satisfaction rating, thanks to the quality and accuracy of its data and services.

Unlock the power of big data amplified by human insight. 

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