Plan and prioritize your safety investments.

Identify and fix deadly crash zones. 

By combining regional crash data with data from cellphones and connected vehicles, you can understand and mitigate the underlying causes.


  • Exposure Analysis

  • Crash Evaluation

  • Truck Safety

Exposure Analysis

Calculate measures of exposure, which provide a deeper understanding of overall safety concerns in a region or at a corridor level, using metrics such as crash density. LOCUS Safe provides modern, data-driven systemic safety analysis that enhances the quality of your Safety Action Plans (SS4A) and gives you actionable insights for improving localized safety measures.

Crash Evaluation

LOCUS Safe allows you to explore your disaggregated crash data with trip density measures and dynamic filtering. You can drill down to analyze crashes by different parameters, such as crash severity, functional class, and trip density.

Truck Safety

With the rise of e-commerce and new types of freight movement, more trucks are on the road. LOCUS Safe helps improve the safety of truckers and the communities through which they travel by analyzing crash data (combined with data collected from commercial vehicles) with a focus on freight hot spots, such as distribution centers or commercial districts and ports.

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Data Sources

We fuse our client's historic regional crash data with LOCUS data. We can help you study the number of crashes over total trips (exposure rate), isolate safety hot spots, and identify affected at-risk communities.

Protect Vulnerable Road Users

Protecting vulnerable road users and promoting equity in your community requires a deep level of understanding about how and where people travel and how different groups are affected by crashes.

LOCUS Safe allows you to analyze exposure rates for equity and non-equity communities to plan for a safer future.

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Analyze Custom Travel Markets

Curious about safety metrics at a county level? What about block groups in the downtown area? With LOCUS Safe, this type of custom analysis is possible.

California Department of Transportation: HSIP

LOCUS and Cambridge Systematics are currently working on the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) Implementation Plan and Target Setting program for the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans),

The goal of the project is to identify specific actions that the State of California can take to meet safety performance targets. We're using LOCUS Safe to investigate the exposure of road users, calculate crash rates, and inform other statistical analyses. 

The tool enables us to analyze risk among different types of road users and patterns within the California transportation network, including vulnerable road users and equity populations. This ultimately provides a clearer picture of the crash risk in different areas and on specific roads.

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