Analyze truck movements in your region.

See how freight moves in your region.

Visualize truck movements down to a granular level with our one-stop tool for freight plans, truck parking efforts, and truck electrification.


  • Freight Planning

  • Truck Parking

Freight Planning

LOCUS Truck offers insights constructed from real, observed activity, not synthetically modeled datasets. This enables reliable application in freight plans and other freight-related studies.

Truck Parking

With an increase in e-commerce trips, there are growing concerns around unauthorized truck parking on shoulders and side streets. LOCUS Truck allows you to identify and investigate these stops, promoting trucker safety and healthier infrastructure.

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Data Sources

Leveraging our partnership with the industry leader in fleet data collection, Geotab, we deliver the analytics you need to understand freight movement. Our platform uses observed data from millions of on-road vehicles, rather than synthetic data.


Metrics You Can Trust

  • Truck Volumes: Break down truck volumes by GVWR, separating between heavy, medium, and light commercial vehicles. 
  • Trip Metrics: From trip duration and length to dwell time and speed metrics, LOCUS Truck provides essential data for calibrating truck trip distribution models. 
  • Origin-Destination Patterns: Expand your insights to reflect the entire population of truck travel in the region. 
  • Time-of-Day Distribution: Understand the distribution of truck travel during different periods of the day.
  • Routing Information: Get valuable information for any O-D pair to calibrate and validate the assignment of truck vehicles to the model roadway network.  
  • Vocation Classification: Automated classification of trips and vehicles into categories including "Long Distance" and "Hub and Spoke" based on travel behavior.
  • Geofencing Capabilities: Define special areas of interest for freight demand, such as ports and distribution centers, for a better understanding of local truck movements in urban areas.

Your One-Stop Tool for Freight Movements


Generate, visualize, and download custom O-D tables. Tailor your insights by spatial geographies, time-of-day, day-of-week, vehicle weight class, vocation, and industry.


Augment your analysis with top routes between O-D pairs. Assess safety standards and EV charging needs with detailed route insights.

Texas DOT: Statewide Truck Parking

A perennial concern for the State of Texas has been the insufficient supply of truck parking, posing challenges to the safety of truck drivers and local communities. LOCUS partnered with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to conduct a comprehensive analysis of truck parking patterns and existing infrastructure, pinpoint weaknesses, and propose solutions to bolster commercial vehicle parking supply. 

California Energy Commission: ETruc Project

The California Energy Commission (CEC) is developing a comprehensive vision for electric truck charging infrastructure. As part of this initiative, LOCUS is pioneering a method to integrate truck GPS data with commodity flow information to determine electrification demand. This method, in combination with freight travel pattern analysis (including a variety of route and stop analytics), will ultimately help identify charging sites for California’s transportation electrification strategy.

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