LOCUS Charge

Identify areas with the greatest need for EV infrastructure investments.

Supercharge your decision-making.

Prioritize site selection of charging infrastructure, by combining insights from observed travel and activity patterns with existing EV infrastructure and land use data.


  • NEVI Planning

  • Truck Charging

NEVI Planning

LOCUS Charge can help you develop and implement your National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) plan. The NEVI Formula Program allocates $5 billion to the states to create a nationwide, interconnected network of DC fast chargers along the federally designated Alternative Fuel Corridors. 

Truck Charging

Where do trucks currently travel? How does this intersect with existing utility and charging infrastructure, and how does it impact where new chargers and EV truck stops should be built? LOCUS Charge answers these questions and more.

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Data Sources

LOCUS Charge leverages LOCUS Passenger and Truck with additional travel and activity details (such as dwell times and daily distance traveled). This is integrated with existing infrastructure data to understand unmet demand for EV charging.

Site Prioritization Scoring

LOCUS Charge captures passenger travel across a variety of market segments including travel purposes, time of day, and day of the week. We create prioritization scores using weights for visitation, dwell time, distance, equity, and existing chargers.

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Focus on Equity

Using the inferred home location of the devices, LOCUS Charge helps identify those devices that live in equity-focused communities (e.g., low income and/or minority population communities). Our product presents a framework to equitably distribute charging locations.

California Energy Commission: ETruc Project

The California Energy Commission (CEC) is formulating a comprehensive vision for electric truck charging infrastructure. As part of this initiative, LOCUS is pioneering a method to incorporate truck GPS data and commodity flow information to determine electricity discharge rates. In combination with freight travel pattern analysis through a variety of route and stop analytics, this partnership will result in the identification of charging sites for California’s transportation electrification strategy.

Massachusetts NEVI Planning

We worked with the Massachusetts DOT on their NEVI planning, to understand the demands and downstream effects of charging for the entire state. Our work included a detailed analysis of the state's geography, travel patterns, existing utility information, and freight movement. Special care was given to equity communities concerning EV adoption and charger deployment. The project produced a detailed 52-page report, along with the LOCUS Charge dashboard, giving the state a comprehensive understanding of charging demand and a clear playbook for the future.

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