Cambridge Systematics Launches LOCUS, a SaaS and Big Data Solutions Subsidiary

January 8, 2024 (MEDFORD, MA) – LOCUS, Inc., a new, wholly-owned subsidiary of Cambridge Systematics, Inc., will focus on the development and delivery of a software-as-a-service platform for clients in transportation-related industries. The firm is led by Anurag Komanduri and includes a team of technical industry experts with unmatched experience in travel behavior and transportation infrastructure planning. 

“LOCUS' growing track record of success in helping our clients solve the pressing challenges of our time — including transportation safety, resilience, and electric vehicle planning — shows the power of our collaborative partnership model and thoughtfully calibrated products,” says Anurag. “By establishing a product-focused company, we are strengthening our commitment to our clients to develop and deliver digital solutions that are nimble and effective, reflecting the rapidly changing conditions around us."  

LOCUS harnesses and integrates data from smartphones, traffic sensors, connected vehicles, transportation surveys, and client-owned datasets. Because the data is transparently and rigorously processed, validated, and expanded by transportation modeling and analytics experts, clients can have confidence in LOCUS solutions. Because of this robust foundation for data-driven decision-making, more than 50 State DOTs, MPOs, transit agencies, cities, and counties across the United States already rely on the platform’s precise, privacy-first products to support critical operations, planning, and investments. 

“It is an exciting time to be impacting the future of transportation, particularly with recent advances in technology and the proliferation of unstructured data,” says Brad Wright, CEO of Cambridge Systematics. “The decision to establish LOCUS, Inc. was borne out of the success of many innovative projects and the entrepreneurial spirit of our employees. As a result of our deep transportation expertise, leadership in travel demand modeling and planning, and listening to the needs of our clients, we have created a truly innovative platform." 

LOCUS offers a suite of expert-designed, customizable products, each addressing some of the most pressing transportation and travel behavior challenges we face today. LOCUS Passenger allows users to understand real-world traveler behavior and movement for both motorized and human-powered modes. LOCUS Truck showcases real-world, moment-by-moment commercial vehicle and freight movement. LOCUS Performance unlocks comprehensive metrics on the movement of vehicles along road networks and corridors. LOCUS Safe and LOCUS Charge help agencies prioritize safety and electric vehicle (EV) investment dollars. 

By amplifying the power of Big Data with advanced analytics and human insight, LOCUS is poised to help clients make safer, greener, more efficient, and more accessible transportation systems and infrastructure. 

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