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Who We Are

Incubated at Cambridge Systematics, LOCUS was built on over 50 years of deep transportation modeling and planning expertise. Our unparalleled industry experience in cleaning, validating, expanding, and integrating transportation, land use, and socio-demographic data allows us to deliver innovative solutions on a unified platform.


Our Platform

Harnessing the power of Big Data from smartphones, telematics, traffic sensors, and transportation surveys, we generate high-fidelity, reliable, and privacy-compliant transportation insights. We provide turnkey and highly customized solutions that meet your needs, with full visibility into how we transform data into insights.


What Our Customers Say

  • "We are using LOCUS at Caltrans to update the statewide model and are very satisfied with the level of customization that was done to meet our requirements and the attention to detail in validating the data with external sources."

  • "LOCUS is a valuable tool for analyzing travel patterns. We were able to target specific Metrolink lines and train slots for added service, and this would have been a much more difficult and inaccurate activity without the excellent dataset and analysis tools that LOCUS provided."

  • "We chose LOCUS because it was validated to local conditions and because the LOCUS team customized their platform to our needs. We are pleased with the collaborative approach that the LOCUS team brought to the table and also with project outcomes."


Total Eclipse of Vermont: Travel Congestion around Areas of Totality

The total solar eclipse on April 8th 2024 offered more than a novel celestial occurrence; the event also drew record crowds, revealing intriguing traffic patterns around regions of totality. In this piece, we study the congestion around major north-and-south-bound roads and highways in Northern Vermont, and examine the southbound I-87 corridor from Vermont to New York.

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